We simply bring the world to you in colors by providing unlimited comprehensive and integrated solutions that are significantly valuable to you as it saves cost, time and enhance the overall services.

We are a customer focused organization. We know the importance of service fulfillment, quick delivery, fast response and competitive pricing. These basic fundamental pillars are expected by our clients at all times and we always commit to deliver them every time.

Our success in the market is driven by our core team, partners and affiliates. Our consultant, admin activities and their foundation are complement by our general scope of work along with our sister companies in the recruitment, facilities management, healthcare management, event management, technologies, etc.


RTCMC’s vision is to be the preferred PREMIER Service and Product partner by earning our customers' loyalty while creating value across all business models.

We aim to be known for our credibility, accountability, reliability, flexibility, creativity, ownership, commitment, proactive mindset, to make things happen in an enriching environment of trust and mutual respect and cooperation while bringing excellence with high standards.


Our mission is to provide top quality services with excellent customer service and outstanding “can do” attitude. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations by understanding their needs and committing to meet the deliverables within the given timeframe and budget while simultaneously instilling a sense of ownership among our employees to encourage dynamic and challenging environments.


In every endeavor RTCMC takes, we ensure that we provide only the best service available by creating superior value for our customers, employees, communities and investors. We provide the following services:


Technologies, Healthcare and Human Resources Management

Facility Management

Buildings Maintenance, Janitorial Services, Security

Corporate & Event Management

Training and Development, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Media and Printing, Art Work and Catering


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